Three Reasons you should hire us. 

1.  Our owner and principal photographer is a former executive and understands how the business world works.  This helps us to anticipate your needs.  

2.  We are experienced in successfully planning and implementing large and complex projects involving the delivery of creative content.   We have a proven track record of delivering timely products that fully meet the needs of our clients.

3.  We only use professional photographers who are experts in lighting, composition and editing.  We will provide you with unique and engaging creative content that will add substantial value to your annual reports, factsheets, newsletters, posters, website design, and social media accounts.



We are the headshot professionals. We recognize that business executives and medical professionals can't wait around for the photographer to set up his lights -- or travel to the photographer's studio. We are equipped to shoot professional headshots at your location. On average, it will take less than 5 minutes per individual. Do you have a lot of staff turnover? No problem. With our service contract option we can provide you with headshots and other creative content on an as-needed basis.  




We understand that event photography is more than documenting the event.  Our goal is to create images that convey a message or evoke an emotional response.  Take a look at our Event Gallery and see for yourself.




It is a well known fact that video can be very effective in driving customer engagement.  We have considerable experience in creating videos that tell a story and create a sense of "being there."   Check out the example below and peruse our Online Video Gallery that contains examples from the more than 70 videos that we recently created for a client.