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Why Bohemian Photoworks?


Bohemian Photoworks is owned and operated by Joseph Giitter.    Mr. Giitter was formerly an instructor at the Washington (DC) School of Photographer and is an expert on lighting, posing, and composition.  He is a Certified Professional Photographer that holds a Master of Photography Degree and a Craftsman Degree from the Professional Photographers of America.  He is also an adjunct professor of photography at Bellevue University.  What does all of this mean?  It means that he knows how to make you look your very best.  


How much do you charge for a portrait session?

I believe in being transparent with my pricing--not all photography studios are.  Session fees are $100 for the first hour.  The vast majority of sessions are done in one hour.  I also have special pricing for high school senior sessions, which typically take around four hours.  So your total cost will depend on what prints and other products you want to buy.  As you can see from the following price list, my rates are very competitive with other professional photographers in the Omaha area.  




Where are you located? 

We’re located at 1111 North 13th Street, in Suite 316 of the Mastercraft Building, formerly a furniture factory.  The Mastercraft Building is an established anchor of the $300 Millwork Commons District redevelopment that is currently underway.  Upon arriving at Mastercraft, drive down to door #1 and enter “59” as the code and I will let you in.  Alternatively, just give me a call and I will come out to meet you if I’m not with a client. 


Bohemian Photoworks at the Mastercraft BuildingMastercraft Building at the new Millwork Commons District in Omaha

What should I wear to the portrait session?

For corporate headshots, I would recommend a solid colored shirt--preferably not white--with a jacket and dress pants or a suit.  Bring along several ties.  

For seniors bring as many outfits as you would like--just keep in mind that we may have to narrow it down based on the amount of time scheduled for your session.  Avoid loud colors, busy patterns and trendy designs.  You will want your photographs to have a timeless quality.  Trust me, this advice is from someone who had their senior portrait taken in a leisure suit.  (If you don't know that is, ask your parents or grandparents).  

Same rules above apply to family portraits.  No loud colors or busy patterns.  To be one the safe side I ask clients to text me pictures of what they plan to wear.  


Large Family CompositesLarge family portraits by Bohemian PhotoworksLarge family portraits

Do you provide digital images?


We provide high resolution digital images for corporate headshots.  You will also receive medium resolution images (perfect for sharing on social media) for any prints that you order.  We do not provide high resolution digital images.  When you receive a print from Bohemian Photoworks it will be printed with archival inks using the finest acid free substrates, so it will last well over a hundred years.   For more on this subject, read my blog article, entitled, "The Value of a Quality Print." 


Classic Photography by Bohemian Photoworks Master Photographer Print


What’s with the name, “Bohemian Photoworks?”

I came up with the name, Bohemian Photoworks, on a visit to Plzen, Czech Republic to visit the nearby villages of my Bohemian ancestors.  As you may know, Bohemia was once a country in the Western part of the modern day Czech Republic or Czechia.  Plzen is home to Skoda Works-an industrial behemoth of the 20th century known for its technical excellence.  The term “Bohemians” was later used to refer to vagabond artists, musicians, and writers across European cities in the 19th Century because they were erroneously believed to have migrated from Bohemia.  My vision for Bohemian Photoworks is to meld technical excellence (Skodaworks) with artistic spirit (Bohemian) to create creative portraits of superior quality and craftsmanship.   --Joseph Giitter, Owner


Bohemian PhotoworksScene from Bohemia